Didn't trigger on C2

After testing extensively between C2 and Ninja and getting the multiplier and symbols correct I switched to live, and today my first trade did not trigger on C2. Instrument is set correct and multiplier is correct according to the last test order I placed. I also receive no rejections from C2 which I normally do when the multiplier is incorrect. Any idea why?

Trade was filled in Ninja at 7:08.43 PDT.


This is the error message you received:

"This trade violates your system trading constraints. With proposed trade, open margin used will be 18.47% which is greater than your agreed-upon constraint of 10%."


The trade that passed through should have been for 5 mini lots. On a 10,000 C2 account that should have been well less than $1000. Did it pass through wrong, meaning the multiplier is wrong, or do I not understand margin at C2?


[This post has been edited to correct a math error pointed out by C2 Member INTJ]

C2 allows only 33:1 leverage in its Model Account for forex.

A trade to buy 50,000 Euros requires margin of 3% x 50,000, which is:

1500 Euros

C2 Model Account is denominated in USD, so we need to convert Euros to USD. We get (at 1.23 exchange rate)=


This as a % of your model account (10,000) is 18.45%, which is greater than your self-imposed system constraint.

Isn’t it more like (1/33) * 50,000 = 1,515 Euros?

Damn I’m a knucklehead!

You are right, INTJ - I am wrong. I will edit my post to reflect your correction.

So the problem is your system constraint, Steve, not the size of your Model Account. Remove the constraint and you’ll be good.

Thanks, INTJ!


I reset my individual trade and total trades to allow what I need. I sent another post concerning the stop loss earlier. Thanks for the help. I do want to use the constraints. It prevents errors on my part.