Ever going to fix the charts?

Ever since you changed the look on the pages a year or two back - the charts don’t really work like anything else in the investment industry.

What I mean is, lets say you have a 3 year old system…
If you click YTD it does not adjust the system and benchmark back to even, just effectively zooms in on the chart. That does not help investors at all. The system could be underperforming badly this year, but you can’t tell because it might dwarf the benchmark by thousands thanks to a great first year or two.
Your old charts at least brought the system and benchmark back to even when you changed periods.

I figured it was a quick fix back when you changed it but I see it has been left like that. Never seen any investment website, presentation, or anything for that matter just keep it the same and zoom in.

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So I see you kind of fixed it - now they start at the same place. However the S&P 500 doesn’t really follow the % gains like it should.

The “All” chart does this correctly. The others do not.