Charts on the new site

The charts on the new site are goofy. I would go back to what they look like on the old site.

Why are they goofy?

Why does the equity curve fan open. I like the nice clean charts on the old site. Solid green line for equity curve of system and solid red line for S&P. Looks better and keeps it simple. Any chance of getting them changed back? Thanks for all the hard work you put in Matthew.

If you’re talking about Monte Carlo (where several gray lines show up in addition to the green line), then just click “Standard” below the chart.

If you mean the range-style line that gets thicker and thinner, then I don’t think you can modify that. A regular line may look cleaner, but it provides less information.

I agree. The charts are quite difficult to interpret now. Perhaps this new mode could be made an option, with the default being the original?