Every system can use Instant Trade Messenger (ITM)

I should point out that every system can use Instant Trade Messenger (ITM). The system owner does not need to specify this. It simply comes standard at Collective2. To use it, you just subscribe to a trading system. Once you do, a little ITM icon will appear near the system you subscribed to. Simply click it whenever you want to start receiving signals by ITM.

A few things. First: although you can use ITM with any trading system, the system owner does need to agree for you to use a particularly nifty benefit of the feature: whether you as a subscriber can “opt out” of trading signals when your ITM is off. If the owner allows this feature (which we recommend to all owners) then you - as a system subscriber - can tell Collective2 not to bill you for trades that were placed when you weren’t at your computer (i.e. your ITM window was closed). Again, the system owner needs specifically to turn this feature on. You can still use ITM if the system owner doesn’t allow this - but you’ll be billed for all the system’s trades. (System owners can edit this setting by going to “Edit” system link.)

Now, regarding Ryan’s worry about ITM security. Don’t worry. The ITM mechanism is - strictly speaking - a “pull” system - not a push system. It is the same as using your Web browser. There is no security issue. It’s not a true IM system in the sense of the “You type-He types-It appears instantly” IM systems you are used to from AOL or Yahoo. It’s just a reasonable approximation of an IM system - optimized for trading system use. So feel free to turn it on and leave it on without any security concern. If you need more details as to how the system works, and why it is safe, I would be glad to provide them via email.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding Instant Trade Messenger.