The ITM option


I subscribed to a system last night based in part on your message on another board which read, "First, if you do not think you will be in front of your computer all the time, you can use Instant-Trade-Messenger (ITM) Only notification. If you choose this option, trade signals will not be sent to you by email, but will instead be delivered by our Instant Trade Messenger window. The advantage of this is that our software can track when you are at your computer, and will bill you accordingly. Thus, if you need to go out to lunch, simply shut down your ITM window, and you won’t be billed for any trades that are opened when you are gone. Pretty cool!

However I was not given the option to use ITM or ITM Only at any time in the subscription process. How can I use the ITM Only option?

In addition, I’d like to know exactly how ITM works in respect to multiple systems. For example, if I subscribe to 5 different C2 systems, will I need to have 5 different ITM windows open to monitor signals??? Or will I just have to open one ITM window within one trading system, and it will automatically recieve the signals from all the systems to which I am subscribed?

You turn on the ITM-only option through the ITM window itself. I apologize: I know this is not very clear or intuitive.

To activate, open the ITM window for the trading system, and then click “Select ITM-Only Delivery” which is at the top of the ITM window. Once you choose this option, you will only be billed for trades that are opened when your ITM window is open. (This option is available only to pay-per-profitable-trade systems.)

Currently, you need to have an ITM window for each trading system you want to follow. I consciously designed it this way, because I thought it would be less confusing. But I suppose I could give users an option to have an all-in-one ITM window. Would you like that? I was afraid it would get a bit cluttered and hard to follow.

One more plug for AutoTrading: I should point out that once you start subscribing to multiple trading systems, AutoTrading becomes a lot more helpful than ITM. So, if you haven’t yet, please check it out.

Finally, let me know what you think: would an all-in-one ITM window be useful? Would anyone use it?


I would definately prefer an all-in-one window option. My computer isn’t too good with so many browser windows open(more than 6), and tends to freeze up and I like to have alot of research windows open during the trading day. One ITM window would solve this problem, and because I don’t daytrade, clutter would never be a problem. Thanks, for the quick response, Matthew!