Excel macros to automate signal entry API

Hi, Does anybody have an existing excel macro in VBA to automate the signal entry API? I can write something myself but I’m hoping someone has already done the hard work.

I have a complex system in Excel and want to automate the signal entry every time I run my system. Thanks for any help here.

I have developed the macros to execute most of the needed commands and use them exclusively for signal entry for my two systems (TMG II and TMG II Futures). You can further automate the signal entry process by scheduling the macros to be run based on your system’s criteria. I did that also, but bad data feeds caused some erroneous signal entries, so I backed off to the single manual click mode. I can provide a customized Excel spreadsheet that you can then link your program to for $100 per system. If you are interested, please send me an email at: TMGSignal@comcast.net

It is not worth $100 for these API commands in Excel, sorry. I wrote the code from scratch and have made the macros available on our trading system website for free. Anyone is free to use them. They are self exclamatory but if anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to help. The link to the excel and brief instructions are here:


And as it mentions on our site, these macros require a VBA reference (the XML parsing code) from Microsoft that I understand is installed along with Explorer version 6.0. Any errors you have running this code is likely due to a missing reference. If you decide to use the code, the only thing we ask in return is a link back to our site from your site. Good luck.


That’s fine. Things are only worth to you what you are willing to pay for them, based on how much you value your time and/or that of others. Good luck and good trading…