Execution Prices, Difference

i noted that whe have not good execution prices on my system "Viper Trading"

f. ex.ple today (DAX Future)

STO LIMIT 8654 —> filled 8652
BTC LIMIT 8652,5 —> filled 8657,5
Profit 1,5 = 37,5â,¬ ----> Loss 137,5â,¬


STO 8656,5 ----> filled 8653,5
STO 8667 -----> filled 8664,5

This differences are to big, because all inseret limit prices were reached regularly by Real market data.

i trade this system separatly identic myself and obtained my insert limit prices on real account (IB).

When autotrades sometimes and/or depending on broker becomes another execution price, thats maybe a tecnical problem due minimal relayed execution time or when C2 reports filled then change in market order and so on …

BUT in my opinion in my track record should be considerd the original LIMIT order (all prices definitifly reached on REAL markets!), that would be CORRECT and TRUTHFULLY represent the System!!!


Sorry, my friend, you’re out of luck.

USA regulators require that Collective2 post on your system the actual volume-weighted-average fill prices received by your real-life AutoTraders.

You have exactly one AutoTrader, who is using a 3rd-party AutoTrading program (i.e. not Collective2’s Gen3 technology) and so there is some minor latency during signal propagation from C2 to the user’s broker.

If you trade your own system in a live account as you say, why not use C2 AutoTrading to do so? In addition to showing potential subscribers that you “put your money where your mouth is,” you’ll also have the added benefit of making sure that the execution prices shown by C2 on your system include signals sent with lower latency (since C2’s Gen3 AutoTrading is server-based, and eliminates a few hops in the propagation of signals).

Whatever you choose, however, your argument that prices displayed on C2 should display your intended limit price, but not the price actually received by real-life subscribers after signal propagation, would not be welcomed by USA regulators.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your quick reply.

The problem is, that my system is a very fast DAX SCALPING System, i mostly trade 1 - 2, max. 5 points, and when i have such differences (open/close) each trade, then profitable trades will change in negative.

F. e. yesterday latency during signal propagation costs me summed exactly 20 DAX points (= 500â,¬, 675$) and 1 order not closed (loss instead profit, 350â,¬, 475$, 1st loss trade of system), i mean system is always good, but my “original” system was /- 1.150$ better !

I trade this system myself, but on my OWN System i must have the same identic execution prices, otherwise disvantages are to huge.
Therefore i use tool IBtoC2, so i can reach identic prices, because when filled on C2 also filled at the same time on my REAL LIVE ACCOUNT whitout latency !! So i yesterday gained >1000$ (can demonstrate all!) This difference is enormously.

As you said, these differnces are caused of latency and depending on several tecnologies (Gen3) and Brokers used and also volumes.

Therefore in future i ll trade only on periodes whith high volumes and maybe insert orders a little earlier. So, and maybe also when more autotraders with different tecnologies i can reduce this differences essentially! as i have seen in past.

Nevertheless my system “VIPER Trading” performes always extremly good! (1st in ranking annual return!)

Thanks and have a nice day

Strange !? , today (26. sept) all perfect ! No Fill price change, no difference between sytem and autotraders execution price!!
Maybe autotraders have changed something in configuration! So should it be ! Perfect !