Expect Problems, Delays, Angry Emails to Me

I am in the process of transitioning the Collective2 software to a much faster Web server platform (mod_perl for the technically minded).

When this process is done, you will be happy. The site will be faster.

However, the transition is more complicated than I originally anticipated. Thus, in the meantime, as I transition, you will be sad. I am trying to keep disruptions to you and your trading to a minimum, but there will be sporadic outages, weird stuff, and slow periods.

Please do me a favor. Whenever you notice anything weird - anything at all - just email me and tell me what you see. I expect to get many hundreds of these emails, so please don’t be insulted if you don’t get a personal reply (unless it is warranted). If there is a fill problem, I will attempt to correct it manually.

With your help, I will have a good handle on what is going on. I will keep you posted regarding this transition to the faster server. I really do not yet have a grip on how long it will take. My current estimate is a few more days.

Thanks for your patience and your help.


Yeah, ok faster collective2.com service will be much appreciated, I had consistently slow page loading in the past that would take up to 30-40 sec after each click to load a page. This morning there were “server errors” and so I was not able to trade part of the day. It is likely that with those new changes and mod_perl the system should be a much better platform, thanks.