C2 Announcements

Dear Collective2 users:

Yes, I know the Web site is slow as molasses. Too many users, too many trades, too much calculating! The good news is that the brand new, super-duper server hardware has arrived, and is being configured by our tech gurus as we speak. We should be able to switch over to the new hardware within the next two weeks, at the latest (perhaps much sooner - please watch here for announcements).

So please hang in there. A big improvement is due soon.

Now, an announcement of a more personal nature. I will be traveling on Thursday May 5, and will return Sunday May 8. I may be out of computer range during my travel. No doubt bad stuff will happen when I am gone (site crashes, bad trades, horrifying bugs, etc.). If bad stuff happens, do not get too worked up. Just send me a (calm) email detailing the problem. Be aware that I won’t be able to respond for a day or so, until I return. But I will respond. So don’t fret.

Hang in there, everyone. I know the site stinks right now, because of the speed problems. But I am spending a ton of money in order to solve the problem. As soon as I get back from my brief travel, I will be able to move forward on the hardware upgrade and solve any issues you may have.

Just a little longer…


Hi Matthew;

Given the molasses nature of the site and the (sorry to say it in public) lack of user friendliness of the forums interface/structure, I would like to suggest that in addition to any postings you do here, that you also send out a general email to all vendors/subscribers letting them know that you will be unavailable.

We can discuss some of the other issues offline.