False drawdown in Trading System P&L Chart

Hi C2 Team

Our trading system US Gold Stocks is showing a 12% drawdown yesterday, which is false.

All of the positions were in profit yesterday, and at no time did the trading system have anything worse than a positive $2500 running P&L on open positions.

I’m guessing the false draw down was due to a rogue zero being used to reval one of positions?

Whatever the reason, please can you correct it as the false drawn down negatively reflects on the system, which had to date only experience a maximum drawdown of 2%.

The error has direct impact on the stats displayed which show the risk of a 10% drawdown, which are stated to be 53%. This figure would more correctly (using your method) be 0% (although that is a stat I would never claim).

Many thanks



Many thanks for sorting this issue out.