Faster System

IMHO it is very difficoult (maybe impossible) to trade faster system here on c2. (I mean trade during no more then 30 minutes)

What do you think?

My systems trade automatically through Tradestation. So, Tradestation, running on my PC, sends e-mail to C2 and C2 fills the order. Sometimes these trades are very short term - sometimes longer term.

In any event, I have noticed that actual Tradestation fills match up very well with C2 fills. I am using market orders only.

What I can’t tell you is how autotrading fills are. Perhaps a subscriber will read this and fill in more details.

I hope I addressed your question.


I’m trying to send signal through C2 web site but while in real market my orders was filled and it reached the target point too, on c2 it is not yet filled even entry order

I would recommend you sent the log file of activity to Matthew, and he can look into it. He is very good about looking into problems. He can tell you the files he needs.