Speed of auto trading

Does anyone know approximately how many seconds it takes from the time an advisory puts on a trade until subscribers using auto trade get filled?

I don’t know, but if you can watch your own personal e-mail when the e-mail hits your account, you can see that there is a long enough delay to negate quick systems from being effective across the internet.

Really, as a vendor, you can send a signal, observe how long it takes to hit your e-mail, and you should be able to see there is a delay. Any delay is detrimental to market order or sudden limit order entries.

No, no, no!

The speed of AutoTrading has nothing to do with the speed of emails.

Emails are slow in general. Emails take a while to arrive for three reasons:

1) They get queued up at the outgoing email server (on C2’s side).

2) Once they leave C2, they bounce around the internet from relay to relay.

3) They finally arrive at your ISP (or mail service) and then get queued up at your ISPs incoming mail server.

Compare this with C2 autotrading. It takes approximately ONE SECOND for a signal to reach the autotrading servers at the brokers. That’s why it’s cool - because that is MUCH faster than email (and much faster than typing in signals at your broker, obviously).

Oh, I’m sorry about that, I have just never realized what it does past hitting c2’s servers. I just had the wrong assumptions that e-mails had the same latency. 1 second though, is pretty good, but even the fast broker guarantees execution within 5 seconds or less, usually less, though. I guess there is a maximum 10-15 second lag.

One second is quicker than expected. This makes me wonder why people have said scalping systems don’t do well auto trading. Even if it takes a few more seconds at the broker to get a fill, a quick scalping system should produce reasonably good results. Are there subscribers to scalping systems out there getting good results?

I suppose MK is talking about Gen 2 autotrading, because as far as I know, Gen 1 autotrading works with polling intervals of 7 sec.

Even with 1 sec a scalping system can have a problem if there are many subscribers who jointly exceed the available volume.

Thank you Jules, didn’t think about exceeding available volume. So volume should be at least at a predetermined level before putting a scalping trade on. This should help develop a good scalping system if that is possible. A limit on subscribers might also be needed. Thanks!

Anyone have any thoughts on volume relative to number of contracts traded, any rules of thumb.

Yes, I was referring to Gen2 and Gen3 AutoTrading, which use a different (better) architecture than Gen1.