Broker equivalent to C2?


I notice the fills on the trades at C2 are very fast and accurate.

Through my broker though, I sometimes have to wait up to minutes for trades to be filled. I have asked them about this and they have told me that (in the case of some Ultra ETFs) they start trading later, at around 9:40am. Is this true? How come C2 fills all these at 9:31, 9:32?

Is there an online broker that has the same speed/timing than C2?



I get good fills at Ameritrade. I got bad fills at Scott Trade.

Not a recommendation or slam just the facts.

Rick Haines

I have traded at Ameritrade, TD, Scott. I never had any problem transmitting the fill back to me within seconds. As soon as the market price goes through my price (I always use limit orders even when i intend to buy it for sure), i can get a conformation of fill.