FCA Authorisation Requirements

Hi - anyone know if there is a requirement for trade leaders to be authorized by the FCA if they are UK based?


I think the answer for U.K. people is similar to the answer for U.S. people.

On C2, you are a publisher. You publish non-customized information to all your subscribers. Every subscriber automatically receives the exact same buy/sell signal at the same time.

Make sure you conform to this policy. Do not go outside the confines of C2’s web site and technology. Do not offer personal advice to subscribers. Don’t engage subscribers in personal conversations. Don’t ask subscribers who they are, or what they hope to achieve, and what their financial situation is. Be a publisher. That is what you are.

Finally, keep in mind the C2 business model. System Publishers never earn money for trading volume, or assets under management, or a percentage of trading profits. Rather, they are paid a monthly subscription fee – the same fee for each subscriber, just like a newsletter publisher receives – regardless of whether a subscriber actually trades your signals, and regardless - if he does - of how big or small those trades are.



Thanks for the response Matthew.

It depends how you are using your leadership model.
If as Matthew mentioned publishing non-customised information to all your subscribers while C2 is the one doing the marketing on your behalf. then no.

However, If you are also marketing yourself and discussing with the investors regarding their fund management, then you will require to go through an FCA regulated broker/firm with Investment Management license covering the asset classes you are looking to trade and also covering the client categorisation level that you are looking to approach i.e. retail or professional.


Just to add. If you decided to do something on your own, you would need to be RDR level 6 qualified and being listed within an FCA regulated entity.

Thanks, Sam - very helpful.

You’d think with all the licenses and regulations required of typical financial guys they’d be better at making money for you. But from my experience they usually suck.

You maybe right. I cant comment on that part. However, here is just the discussion of legality with regards to investment management framework. You maybe off managing your own portfolio far more better than any of those regulated individuals with CFA, FRM, RDR etc.

However, from the regulatory point of view, there will be legal requirements, if you are marketing yourself as fund manager and start managing clients money. :smile: