Feature request for the Grid (Solved)

Here is a filter/column that should be added to the Grid platform : “System beats S&P 500?”

This filter would allow C2 investors to immediately see all the systems that outperform the S&P by some user-defined percentage, 5% or 10% for instance.

Because obviously, most investors want systems that beat a simple index fund.

I say most investors because some of them will also be happy with C2 systems that produce returns that are similar to a simple index fund but with less drawdown.

I just realized that this feature already exists, it’s called the Alpha, I did not see it because it is at the extreme right of the Grid.
An alpha of 3 for instance means that the system or the portfolio is outperforming the market (usually the S&P 500) by 3% over a certain period of time.

All good then.