Hello, why is the new grid missing the very important information, i.e. percentage win, average gain and average loss ? or is it possible to retrieve this information by a none intuitive process ? Do others feel this could be considered as a serious omission ?

With all due respect to C2 management, the new Grid is an eyesore and very user unfriendly. I hope they consider bringing back the old version which was clear, concise and easy to navigate. There’s an old saying, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

We won’t be bringing back the old, but we’ll certainly continuously improve the new Grid.

Agree I do not like it at all.

I agree with the critics. The new grid have to be improved radically

Now it does not even load for me. How about getting it to work. That would be at least half way there.

Mathew, please consider activating the old one until the beta version is debugged and ready for prime time.


I see you added several new columns to the grid, which is a big improvement.

Could you also add subscription price please?




Hi Matthew, I have a system on here (IVtrades) that i totally forgot about since it was just a test. I was trying to kill the system but I am not able to do so. Please close out this system for me. Thanks.

How do I locate T.O.S. (Trades-Own-System)?

Specifically am trying to view systems that feature this and all reporting criteria.gA

As Matthew said its a work in progress. Lets give him some time to iron out the kinks.

Hi Matthew,

I believe another key metric for inclusion in the grid is a system’s correlation to the SP500 (from the old system view). This is useful when comparing several systems.

As an aside, on the Statistics tab of the new system view, there is an error in the Billing Statistics section. The Trial Days is duplicating the subscription price rather than showing the actual trial days for the system.


Hi Matthew, is it possible to add Calmar ratio in the grid?

Thank you

Definitely agree calmar should be added.

How often the grid is updated ? I don’t see Iceberg in the grid . Thanks .


The new grid is missing the C2 Score. Can we add this into the search criteria as soon as possible?


Avg trade duration is a very important datapoint to evaluate a system’s risk exposure. More than some of these ivory tower ratios. Please put it back in the Grid.