Figures appear mixed in Dolars and Euros

It seems that when the system operates in Euros, figures appear mixed in Dolars and Euros (or sometimes in Euros, sometimes in Dollars) with the same simbol $.

One place is in Model Account Status. Other place Model Account Details in My systems.


Can you be a bit more specific as to where you think the units are not being properly separated?

If I go to dashboard i can see this:


Model Account Details:

Open $491 Closed $459 $950

Opened ET B/S # Symbol Price Closed Current Price P/L

12/29/10 3:28 BUY 1 BDH1 EUREX BUND 124.79 0 125.29 $491


Open $491 (This are 491 Euros, currente open trade)

Closed $459 (This are Dollars, first closed trade)

$950 (This is 491 Euros plus 459 Dollars mixed toguether)

Some times when you enter to the dashboard, the Open figure appear in realy Dollars, then if you refhesh it changes to Euros (with the same simbol $)

If I go to thee specific statistics of the system where I can see de Model Account Status:

Started $14,000

Buy Power $13,147

Cash $14,459

Equity $807

Cumulative $ $1,060

Total System Equity $15,060

Margined $2,119

Open P/L $601

After refreshin two times I can see this:

Started $14,000

Buy Power $13,095

Cash $14,459

Equity $754

Cumulative $ $1,213

Total System Equity $15,213

Margined $2,118

Open P/L $754

In the second: Open P/L and Equity show the same figure $754 (Dollars).

In the first: Open P/L and Equity show diferent figure $807 and $601 (807 Dollars, 601 Euros)

All this are not a problem becouse the important thing are the statistics but i wanted to let you know.


Let me explain a bit more the second example.

After refreshing, the quote has gone down so the Buy Power has decrease, but the Total System Equity has increased. This is because of the mixing Dollars and Euros.

I hope this could be usefull to you and excuse me for my bad English.

Diego -

It seems that when I added commissions to the trade P/L for open trades (commissions are always denominated in USD) I broke the software that converts non-USD-denominated futures contracts into USD.

This was only a display issue, and did not actually affect closed trade P/L calculations.

The problem has now been fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.