Finished the month with 73% ROI

Hello Everyone!

We just finished 1st month @ C2 with our option Trading Strategy.

This is how we have performed [Based on Real trades So far] -

Cumulative return ~73%.
Maximum trade amount at risk - 10% of the portfolio[suggested Min Capital].
Single open position at a time.
Max Drawdown was ~8%
Win Trade - 80%.
Stop Loss - 50%.

Please take a look at our real trades and also follow us on twitter #MonthlyOptions to get periodic analysis & discounts if you are interested.


Strategy Name Please

The name is ‘MonthlyOptions’

In your strategy description you wrote:

>> Trading with this system for last 4 years. ROI 37%.

And now you made 73% in only one month???
Please explain the discrepancy!

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Nobody can claim and keep this months 73% unless you stops trading. So some trade you will loose some trade will be good. So the ROI is the end of the year average. This system can make only 2% next month. So end of next month ROI will become 37.5% [As an example]. also it is not possible to make exactly 37% each month as long as you keep trading. Hope this clarifies.

Well, the way I understood the >> Trading with this system for last 4 years. ROI 37%. was that you made a total of 37% in 4 years (= 0.77% a month), or an annual ROI of 9.25%, which is quite good if you had a low DD.

@newt the ROI is per year. So my profit was greater than 30% per year. Some year it was greater. so on average per year I called 37% out of last 4 years. The DD was around 32% at some point within this 4 years. I trade only options and you will have 30% DD [may be more] some point of time. If you are experienced enough in option trading, you should have experienced something like this. How long you are trading options and what is your view here? please let us know.

You have already 44,6% DD in your 2nd month :roll_eyes:

In the last past 4 years I have been simulating about 20 option strategies on C2.
All of them are gone. They all crashed within a few months. :frowning:

I understand your intuitive points and respect them.