Access Invest Strategy / First month free!

Hello, please find enclosed my strategy; I cannot get TOS because I’m using a broker called CMC Markets (UK). This strategy mirrors my account, however I trader larger amounts. It is ideal for a 100k minimum investment. I’m happy to apply a one month free for any subscriber. For any month that my strategy doesn’t cover for the monthly subscription, you will get the following month for free.

So far I had several good months, including the “correction” in February, that helped the performance of Access Invest.

Looks like you have a pretty bad day yesterday. A 20% drawdown in 1 day is not very safe. Don’t you use stop losses?

Of course I do, in fact both trades closed out at stop loss level, I was trading 8 contracts hence the big drawdown; however I’m very confident the strategy will recover a losses and getting good profits. I understand that for some investors is not ideal but I’m making a lot of money with my brokerage account thus I don’t see it as a very negative factor. Now that we have good volatility in the markets I think it is a great opportunity to make money, with some “larger” DDs.

Thank you for reaching out to me, for any further question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Do you run a different strategy there?

Well its a negative factor if I were losing 30k from 1 day of trading if I were to autotrade with your strategy. When you trade with other people’s money I don’t think you should take such risks.

Its all fun when its paper money that your trading with on C2 but subscribers wouldn’t think that way.

I hope you don’t trade 8 contracts and with such large stops again with that account size on C2. Thats some serious overleveraging.

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I can personally take a loosing trade and my brokerage account can take a 30k loss, unfortunately the minimum capital is set at 60k and in my opinion should be at least 100k; I typically don’t trade 8 contracts, however since I don’t have subscribers I’m taking the liberty of being much more aggressive (in terms of size) than the usual 1/2/3 contracts. I understand a large DD puts investors off but I cannot change the past, I’m confident the strategy will work well as it did for me for the past 7+ years. Any investor has the freedom to choose my strategy or others; I cannot mention the money I have made in the past 7+ years, because I cannot prove it on C2, however I’m very happy with this strategy, it’s not perfect but it works for me. I don’t always put large stop losses but from time to time it happens. Thanks

Hi, I’m using the same strategy; a DD of 30k is 2% of my brokerage account therefore is very little, however I understand for any investor with 100k is 30% and it could be very worrying. Just follow the strategy and you will see how it will recover the losses, I had similar situations in the past and I recovered all losses plus profits.

Thank you

So what you’re saying is you’re going to trade differently when you actually get subscribers? Sounds great.

It’s pretty easy with futures to just scale your system to a lower quantity to make it close to the same as your “big money account”.

Personally I just think your full of it and trying to talk your way out of a rough drawdown (2 now). Also “Losing” has one “o”.

Good luck kid.

@masnas, if you are trading your own account then why don’t you make the system TOS then (linked to your brokerage account)? There are a few systems in C2 that trade over 1 million that are TOS.

I think that would be beneficial and would also bring you faster subscribers.

Will you do that?

Firstly I’m not a kid! I’m a very accomplished person and I have been working my ass off to get at the level I’m now! I don’t like DDs, a system that works perfectly doesn’t exist! And since I don’t have any subscriber<<< I can actually work/play with sizes of my strategy how I like it. You don’t like the way I’m trading, I will do my best to get over it.

Good luck to you; you should learn good manners and how to interact with other human beings…kid!

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Do you just search thru the grid to find TOS system that is over 1MM?

If you are making So so so much money trading your self. Why brother to come to c2 to make a few thousand and bother to advertise on the forum?

@OSUTIA, there were a few that sent me private messages awhile back. I never kept track of them so not sure if they are still around anymore…lol

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@OSUTIA, R Option is one of them still on my watchlist. It almost has a million in its portfolio.

until that one day comes and takes all those profits and more

Pay no attention to his C2 drawdown. I’m sure he’s making a ton of money elsewhere. :roll_eyes: