175% Return in 36 Days With 82 Real Trades - So Far

Just happy to share our strategy here -https://collective2.com/details/135896658

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It looks like your positions can each use 25-50% of your capital. Is this feasible long term when you don’t benefit from theta since you are long and you need to be directionally right?

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Hi NextLevelTrader,
Hope you are doing great. Below are our replies with the questions.

It looks like your positions can each use 25-50% of your capital

Yes, it can but rarely. Our average is around 10% and with the capital growth it is expected to reduce over next 3/4 months. If you have take a look at the giant strategies like “’AI TQQQ SQQQ Swing”, it uses 60k per trade but due to high capital (accumulated over last 2 years), it shows as 1% to 2% now.
Is this feasible long term when you don’t benefit from theta since you are long and you need to be directionally right?
This is the risk you need to take in options trading. You need to trust your strategy and cut losses ASAP. Theta matters too much if you buy an options which has nearest expiration. We some time buy but in general it does not matter if your directional strategy is proven and correct most of the time. In many occasion, we use theta to average as we believe our signal is correct and price went opposite because of momentary correction. But of course there is a threshold when we trigger stop loss.

We hope we were able to answer your queries. Please let us know if you have any more questions. We are here! Have a wonderful night.

A big reason for asking is that I don’t think any active strategy over a year old has had anywhere close to 175% returns in a few months. Sage Volatility Margin is the longest strategy with an above average return of 50% and active over 3 years. Quantiger has been killing it for over a year. His strategy takes ownership of shares so it makes sense he trades big. Options can expire worthless since you don’t own anything. No matter how much any of us believe in our strategies only time will tell. Good luck to you.

Thanks @ NextLevelTrader. You are right & I agree with you. Lets talk back after 6 months about the numbers. Again, Our CAGR expectation is around 20%. So far, we hit 175% using our strategy. History teaches us but there is always a new start. We are hopeful and there is nothing wrong about it!.

We clearly suggest to diversify your account. Hence in our description we mentioned to use only up to 10%. All of the strategies you mentioned are great (but all Strategies are logically different ) and people should diversify their accounts among the strategies. We are always against subscribing a single strategy. This potentially will reduce the risk of their own capital. Rest is upto the understanding and knowledge of the subscriber. You don’t understand how option works - don’t trade options.


So far 320% return!!

Why no TOS? Don’t you want to get rich? :thinking:

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I do but not in C2. I still stick with etrade :grinning:

Are you still trading?

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I think I’ll surpass it very soon. Gimme a couple of days. I stated a 50K to 1M in 220 days or less challenge. It’s looking good so far: Demeter US Growth

I am a bit confused are you @AASS and @ThomasMiskiewicz2?


Funny the day AASS stops trading is the day the new profile is born.

And round and round we go…

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I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not Thomas Miskiewicz and no one else. You can simulate or subscribe if you want. I’m going from 50K to 1M with or without you. Today another 5% up.

will keep this screenshot here


nice catch @JITF :rofl: :rofl:

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This strategy also possibly can’t be yours I am thinking…

40% in two weeks. >80% winning rate. 50,000 to 1,000,000 in 220 days or less. I am not trying to convince anyone. If you were smart enough you follow.

What kind of clown show is this? Do C2 investors actually fall for this?


Now that you warned everyone they are safe. Checked your strategies. You’re definitely a better troll than trader.

Says the person with multiple profiles and failing strategies :joy: You are the one being called out plenty of others on here. Who is dogging my strategies other than you…