Forex AutoTrading Now Available

You asked for it; now you got it! Collective2’s AutoTrading technology now supports Forex trading.

Currently, the only broker that is compatible with Forex AutoTrading is Interactive Brokers.

What it means:

If you like a trading system on Collective2, you can have the trades placed in your real-life brokerage account automatically. All trading systems on Collective2 are supported. The trading system vendor does not have to do anything – all the magic happens behind the scenes without the involvement of the trading system vendor.

Want to learn more? Click the link on the left side of this page which says "AutoTrading … Overview."


What is the total cost if we use Forex Autotrading?

Collective2 charges absolutely ZERO for you to hook into its AutoTrading platform.

You will need to buy a piece of software called TradeBullet, however. It is available at