Is anyone using this new feature- automatic trading? I am looking at using it for my forex trading system.

Robert: As far as I know, no one is doing Forex trading with the TradeStation/Collective2 interface. I am happy to help you set it up. It should be simple. If you want, email me off-line. To start, look at the “Use TradeStation?” link on the left menu bar. - MK

How much will we pay to use traderstation?

Uh, nothing. I mean, you won’t pay Collective2 anything. You have to buy the TradeStation software, of course. - MK

I have used it for for two trades with no problems on the system ‘Daytrading WIZ’. If you think I can help just message me. I’d be glad to help.


thnaks for your messages trader and matthew

I closed my tradestation account two years ago so am wondering if I will open it again. not sure yet.