New to Collective2

Hi, I am new to Collective2 and I have a few questions about Interactive Brokers and Tradebullet, if someone could kindly help me out. I would like to trade a forex system from Collective2.

1/ To allow auto trading to work do I have to have my computer switched on and logged into Tradebullet all the time for autotrading to do its thing?

2/ I only want to allocate 50% of my funds that is in my IB account to trade the Collective 2 system, can I still trade with the remaining 50% of capital?

Kind Regards,

Richie Brown

  1. Depends on the system you are subscribed to. Some only send orders at a particular time. Others can send orders any time of the day or night. The system I’m subscribed to only issues orders between 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm ET, so I schedule TradeBullet to connect at 3:30 pm and disconnect at 4:55 pm.

    2) Any trade you open manually, will be ignored by C2, unless you have autosync turned on and the position just happens to match a position in the system you are subscribed to. So, yes, to a large extent you can have C2 and TradeBullet open and close positions as they should with part of your funds, and do whatever you wish with the rest.