What's Going On with the FX prices?

Anyone know what’s going on with the FX feeds … or Lack thereof.

There’s been NO UPDATES for about SIX hours !!!

What happens to trades that should have been executed?

I had several signals and I couldn’t take profits or take new postions?

Has this happened to anyone else before and will a “adjustment” be made.

If the data comes back online now … I’ll be much worse off. NOT HAPPY


The platform has been executing trades, but at totally wrong prices.

Matthew will usually correct these mistakes if your log the correct price when you executed the trade (s)

Email him with the details and I’m sure he will correct it.

This happened to me a few times last autumn, and we got it sorted out.

It’s been working perfectly for me since then, until today.

Thanks Mark,

I’ve only just started my system on Collective2, in fact I only discovered Collective2 a week ago, so I hope you can understand my frustration. I’ve discovered the “report problem” button and have logged all the errors. Being a complete n00b to the site, this type of thing is very off putting. But your reply that this type of problem rarely happens, and can be corrected does ease my mind a little.

I’m guessing that Mathew will be quite a busy man right now :slight_smile:


Mark Leo

I am looking into the forex quotes issue now and hope to resolve it shortly.

Be sure to report any bad fills by using the "Report Problems" link available on your system page.

Thanks Matthew,

I think I have reported all the trade problems, I’ll check again tomorrow and if there are still problems, I’ll resubmit them.