Free system with few autotraders

There is a 14 month old free swing trading system on C2 with a 67.2% cumulative return and 17.4% drawdown, trades only one ES contract at a time, but only has 3 or 4 auto traders - I find that strange.

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I am amazed at the nonsense some people subscribe to, all the while ignoring the good stuff … I suppose that’s how they learn

Well, each trader is different I guess.

Some traders do not care at all about drawdowns, leverage, this ratio or that ratio, etc…, they just want to double or triple their money fast, so any high-return C2 system will do.

Other traders, especially senior citizens, prefer a low volatility trading system. They just want a nice regular income and no nasty surprises, so they look for systems with very low drawdown and a smooth equity curve, as long as they can at least deliver the S&P 500 average annual return.

Heck, some people would be happy if the system could just beat the freaking inflation and preserve their buying power! :grin:

So anyway, this website has enough trading systems to accommodate all these people.