Simple Swing System

Hi all, opening up the discussion regarding our Simple Swing systems.

Excellent risk adjusted returns. System has been around for many years and I expect it to continue on this path. Currently 11% return in just 5 months. Drawdown is only 4.4% giving subscribers excellent risk adjusted returns that are sustainable in up and down markets.
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Noticed you trade AAPL which resembles WoW Capitol’s US Stock Trader. The subscription price is the same as well. Any comments on that?

Hi KingLeong,

Thanks for the question. You are correct, Simple Swing and US Stock Trader both trade APPL in a similar way. First, let me congratulate WoW Capital for their performance and subscriber numbers, well done.

Aside from trading the same asset in a swing system our systems are different. While I am not and have never been a subscriber to US Stock Trader I can see some differences in reviewing their trades on their system page. It appears that they are more weighted to the upside. Specifically, it appears that they will not hold a short position overnight and only enter shorts when closing longs. Our system will hold shorts overnight and is more evenly weighted between shorts and longs. We believe this puts us in a better position to make money on the long side as well as the short.

I also believe we are faster to get into trade opportunities and have tighter stops protecting us against losses than our competitor US Stock Trader. They tend to hold their long positions longer than we do which we believe can open them up to losses.

What you will find is that we are one of the most balanced systems on C2. The Simple Swing system will perform well regardless of market direction which cannot be said for most systems on C2.

I hope this helps describe some of the differences in our systems.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Closing out 2014 with another positive month. Happy New Years all!

Happy New Year! Free month of January for any new Simple Swing subscribers who subscribe today (New Years Day) only!

I think this is a good system and am willing to give it a try simply because the developer cares and maintains an effective line of communication with subscriber. I corresponded with GM on risk etc and the reply was prompt. Also the drawdown risk for this system is low relative to other similar systems although it needs a longer track record to prove it. Hope for greater success in 2015.

Thanks WHYau! I look forward to discussing Simple Swing more with you.

Looking forward to this week, hopefully we get some good opportunities!

Crazy week in the market. Hope everyone made it through. Let me know if you have any questions regarding Simple Swing.

This week started tough but closed out strong for Simple Swing. How was your trading week? Would love to hear comments or questions regarding our system!!

System says we stay short this weekend. Should be interesting come Monday. Anyone else have opinions for the monday open?

hi GM3, Great trade! Glad i’m in. Keep it up.

Thanks Whyau! We will keep pushing for the best results for our subscribers.

A colleague of mine above commented above on the similarity of Simple Swing with US Stock Trader. And in terms of comparing the two, it would seem Stock Trader is ahead, averaging 3.32% per month compared to Simple’s 2.08% (based on collective and prior results provided by the vendor). However if you use Excel to calculate the amount each system is fully invested, the results are interesting. From the admittedly small data set on collective, Simple is 70% invested on average, compared to Stock Trader at 109%. That is, Stock Trader is almost always slightly leveraged on average to get its result, and sometimes leverage creeps up to 200% (2:1). If you take away the additional leverage: (3.32 x 70) / 109 = 2.12% you get a figure far closer to Simple Swing’s result (2.08%). Also to produce its out-performance, Stock Trader trades every 2.7 days compared to every 5 days for Simple Swing. Its possible that slippage on the frequent trading by Stock Trader may narrow the gap further. Hope these comments have been useful.

Another positive month for Simple Swing. Five out of Six months on C2 have been positive with low volatility and a small max drawdown.

This month we are celebrating the introduction of our third system on C2, Simple Swing Volatility.

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My competitor is MTrader:

Check out my crude oil system…

Our third C2 system just opened its first trade today. You will want to keep an eye on this one! Simple Swing Volatility

Massive week for the Simple Swing systems. Come check us out!

Our original Simple Swing system