Results of 1 month of autotrading

Here is my results of 1 month of autotrading on C2. The results of each system may not be entirely accurate to their true performance as I exited some positions earlier and or added to other positions. I turned off about 2 systems that were not performing well. I also started to scale up systems that did well. Event hunter turned out to the be winner. Most of the ES systems this month have really done poorly. Most did not anticipate the rally and the drop this week. Some of the Es systems are starting to martingale be careful with them.

Please share which systems did best for you so everyone can improve their portfolio.


Hello TT3,
my Sniper Futures account was up over 10pct for the month of January on a 100k model account. You clearly were not Auto trading my signals. Please explain.
Thank you,

Bill Dalton

Hi TT3,

would u mind sharing with us what your selection criteria is? what do you look for in strategies?

test of time? correlation to the market? sharpe ratio? and how do you size each one?


Hi TT3,
Where do you see the martigale strategies?


TT3, If your going to “exit some trades early and add to other positions” then your post is a waste of time. You should delete it. People are on this platform to auto-trade other traders trades on a pro-rata basis exactly as the developer is trading their strategy.
If you do that then your post will be of help.



Bill you are correct but I clearly stated the results are not accurate to their true performance. Your system in particular I didn’t start at the beginning of the month. I had also paused when you said you wanted to start trading options which made me miss out on the big the gain the following day. No results will be totally accurate because people scale at different sizes. You should be happy your system is included in my funds of funds which has some of the best systems on the site. :v:

It seems like you are suggesting that subs should be jumping into the hottest funds, i.e. the ones that went up the most last month in your portfolio.

I am happy to be included BUT when one looks at your numbers maybe you should add how each system performed for the month next to your number. Also you should use your gains and losses in percent terms. And, it would be helpful to know the timeframes you auto-traded for one month. I know your trying to help subscribers choose systems but if your Auto-trading (depending on the time frame), your numbers should not be that off, at least in my case, as much as they are.

i have deleted the pic and will just post % as you stated


One month of results is not very meaningful IMO. Good systems can have bad months and bad systems can have good months. If you want 1 month returns for all systems, go to “Find Trading Strategy” and choose “The Grid” then sort on the Last 30 Days column. But again I don’t think it means much.


I don’t think people understand this post. I am just sharing my results which will be different for everyone, its also not a solicitation for any system as I’m not a system creator or affiliated with any. It’s obvious systems will have bad and good months.

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It’s great to have posts like this, thanks for creating it TT3

I found some great winners on C2, and been unlucky with some good looking strategies with long track records, that tanked and saw the developer lose interest. I would mention that I never used a system that would martingale significantly…

Those systems cost me to be on a breakeven after 9 months, instead of a profit.

I now have gained experience and am scaling down quite a lot, aiming for an overall 50% to 100% per year, instead of the stupid amount I thought I’d get if all went well

50% is very good already, and I have a basket of around 8 relatively uncorrelated strategies.

Be careful with your scaling. The issue in my case was not so much the risk of wiping my account, as to the risk of scaling too high, and then not being happy with a drawdown, when a drawdown is something one should accept and not be all jittery about. Good sizing helps a lot in feeling comfortable and this is where I am now.

Do you mind to share which system, scale % and how long have you used for each system? Do you use autotrade also ?

Was this message for me 8dae ?

Yes, GuillaumeDebauchez. At least for C2 community can learn what is wrong, what is good, therefore we can improve our portfolio performance.

If it was then:

I left and regret I did / Could get back on when looking for a more conservative account:
Drunk Uncle (TOS)
Carma Stocks (TOS)

I lost most in value on : BRK Dax (scale 200%), Bowie (100%), House Patterns (400%)

I presently trade, and I think, for the long term
Vix Day Trader 1 (great control) (300%)
Smart Volatility Short (TOS) (16%)
Volatility Trader (TOS) (10%)
Volatility Returns (5%) (evaluating, will go to 10% if ok)
CkNN Algo (20%)
Just Forex Trades (100%)
Conserv Profit (200%)
Gewinn Agressiv (100%) (evaluating also)
Event Hunter (100%)
Profectus system 1 (thanks @8dae_yun) (30%)

That’s it :smile:


Ideally I’d like to not move my strategies too much, hence I’ve really scaled down, give them time to breathe.

The only issue now is trust and this is down to monitoring each or almost each trade, and how good the communication is with the developer.

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I’d be very interested in seeing other people’s portfolios like this, it’s very instructive. And, yes, I autotrade in IB, and don’t live in the US, so I can autotrade forex.

I don’t set additonal stops for the strategies, I don’t want to kill their purpose and prefer now to work on my scaling.

I monitor the trades closely, if need be, I’ll close trades manually when I’m not happy.

How do you decide to join into the system and also leave from the program? you just dont want join the system when it is hot and leave at worst, right? What level is your risk tolerance? 0 risk averse and 10 Ultra high risk

Track record. Months or Years of presence. No martingale. Or small martingale. Size as defined by Laurence in is post on “8 systems or more” thread. Using max drawdown to determine size knowing that I don’t want more than 5%DD of my total account. He uses 3% I use 5 for now. But want to bring it down in the future. I use the same methodology as he does and I’m so glad I found his advice. It makes it very easy. I try and have systems that have differemmnt logics also, so as to spread the risk. If system on a high I’ll wait it enter with half the size.

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