Funds symbol list

Hi there, I would need the list of funds listed on C2. I have the list of funds available on yahoo and google. Do you know any method to check the symbol availability on C2.

I have traied to send an order for every fund and the cancelling it, but after a while I get always error. Maybe caused by number of orders in time restrictions?


Hi, Sales Sales:

What do you mean when you ask for a list of “funds?” What kind of funds are you looking for? We support trading of all US ETFs by their standard symbols, and most US mutual funds. While we don’t currently have a reverse symbol lookup function to let you type in the long, human-readable name of the fund and then see the short symbol (coming soon) , you ought to be able to use any of the popular web finance sites to look up standard symbols of these ETFs or funds.

Or do I misunderstand your question?