C2 Broker etf trades

Does C2 Broker allow etf trades?

yes, following in C2Broker gives you the full range of allowable symbols that C2 itself has for placing orders. If you can trade the ETF/ETN in your C2 strategy, you can follow it in C2Broker (I asked them this myself a few days ago). In IRA accounts too (which makes them more flexible than most IRA accounts at other brokers).

Perfect. Really appreciate the reply. Thanks a bunch.

More help – it is hard to find this link:

That’s the full listing of US stocks/ETPs that C2 supports.

Also here is an article about non-US stocks supported:

C2Broker has its own Knowledge Base. Here is the article on supported symbols/instruments.


Thanks Rod…good info.

Hi Rod,
That was the page that caused me to write to C2Broker support for clarity. The line on that page about “C2BROKER also does not currently support trading in … and many leveraged ETFs” gave me pause, but the answer I got is summarized above. So, all the US Stocks listed in the first link I gave above are ok, but not the foreign listed stocks in the second link, and no pink sheet stocks.