Searching for system which are trading a paticularly stock or symbol

is there a way to look for special stock or symbol which a system is trading?
For example I want to look at all strategies which trades TSLA etc.
Thanks Helmut

See the very first example in the Collective2 Explorer.
It is exactly what you are seeking for.

Can this be used for forex?

Thanks Bob. Ok first part is clear now. But where can I find this C2 Explorer? My last visit to C2 was some years ago and the page has become so large of enormous information I think I am lost.
Maybe you can give me a link to the c2 explorer or tell me where I can find the Icon. Thanks for your help

The C2 explorer is on the left side navigation panel under “Develop.”

There was an error in forex symbols but it works now.

Here is an example.


  • I added another conditions to have a smaller set of systems.
  • Notice that selected systems are not “pure” forex systems. They can trade also other types of instruments (stocks, futures or options).

var symbol = "EURUSD";

var forexSymbolTrades = 
  	from trade in C2TRADES
  	where trade.Symbol == symbol
  	select trade.SystemId;

TABLE = from syst in C2SYSTEMS
         syst.Added >= new DateTime(2014,1,1)
         syst.NumTrades >= 50
    	select syst;

Great I’ll try it out.


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