Futures symbols

I am trying to send signals to my C2 system via Tradestation. Is there a glossary of the futures symbols that you recognize?

Hi, Anthony:

You can find C2 futures symbols here:


Thank you, one other thing I don’t understand: I had to enter a trade in manually because a signal did not get sent by Tradestation. But there is a delayed feed so a market order is recorded at a delayed price. Will my market orders from Tradestation be recorded at the proper price?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but it’s important to note that C2 uses real-time prices to determine the prices at which you are filled. (We don’t display real-time prices on the web site – you need to pay for your own quote feed – but we use them internally to determine execution prices.) EG: if you click BUY AT MARKET, C2 will fill you at the real-time ASK.