Futures Trading Limits

I currently day trade futures (only ES, NQ or RTY). I am debating turning it into a strategy so people can auto trade it. My max order is 10 contracts at a time. Is there a way to know what the maximum number of subscribers could be before subscriber fills begin to get throttled and not every subscriber gets filled at the same time (assume everyone is scaling 100%)? For example, would 10 subscribers and 100 contracts be an issue?

Thanks in advance.

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I just saw that the most recent MNQ exit of the ares system took over 5 minutes for 300 contracts. NQ is more liquid than MNQ, so it would probably fill at a faster rate. The fills also seem to be faster if you trade during the regular market hours (this particular trade was right after the 4pm ET close).

Thanks. I would just like to know a number below which I would not have issues and I will limit my size to that whether it is 10, 50 or 100.

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