Futures Wealthbuilder Trades

Hello, can anybody explain what happened yesterday?

I see some trades opened and closed at the same time:
12/3/17 18:00 @EUZ7 EUROFX LONG 1 1.18825 12/13 18:00 1.18271 2.75% ($700)
12/13/17 14:00 @USH8 US T-BOND SHORT 1 153 13/32 12/13 14:00 153 17/32 0.17% ($131)

I also received this message from C2:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: C2 help@collective2.com
Date: Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 6:06 AM
Subject: Collective2 Autotrading: PositionSync warning in account UXXX73026
To: Trend Neutral ilovepage1.amon@gmail.com

Dear Trend Neutral,

This is an automated message from Collective2 in regards to your Autotraded account UXXX73026.

We recently detected a few sequential PositionSync orders in your account UXXX73026.

This is probably normal, but as a safety precaution, we will stop trying to match the position in @USH8 currently open in Futures WealthBuilder for 30 minutes or until Futures WealthBuilder closes its position in @USH8, whichever happens sooner. After either of these conditions are met, we will automatically start to match all trades in @USH8 by Futures WealthBuilder.

Please note: This message only applies to the symbol @USH8, and only for the trading system Futures WealthBuilder. Autotrading is still operating, and you may continue to AutoTrade the system Futures WealthBuilder in general. However, we won’t immediately attempt to sync its position in symbol @USH8.

Why you are getting this email:
Our Autotrade technology attempts to place trades in your brokerage account UXXX73026 to match the trading systems to which you have subscribed. We call this ‘AutoSync Technology’.

There are cases, however, in which we will need to send several orders to bring your account positions in sync due to your particular settings such as Max Dollar Amount or Max Number of Contracts/Shares/Lots, or a scaling factor that is not a multiplier of the system order quantities.

This recently happened when we attempted to place a trade in your Interactive Brokers account for the symbol @USH8, in order to match the trading system called Futures WealthBuilder.


Collective2 Customer Support
Email: help@collective2.com

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Futures and options trading is not appropriate for all investors. A relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds you have deposited. You may sustain a total loss of your funds.

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internal ref id: 92068862_36_3057541_171312-16:06:48

Hi, Manuel:

It looks like the Trade Leader is using an older version of our TradeStation interface. It issued signals that tried to cross long to short. We’ll reach out to the Trade Leader directly and help him or her upgrade to the latest version of software, which should prevent this from happening.

The strategy requires the use of resting limit orders in order to be profitable. I checked with Lorant on behalf of the strategy developer and he confirmed that the Tradestation PlatformTransmit interface only sends filled orders.

In addition, I requested a server audit two weeks ago for a similar case that occurred in the same system, in which a limit signal filled and synced Autotraders at a bad price due to one Autotrader reporting a fill at an impossible price. The request number is 137436 and no response has been received so far.

I will take this offline and communicate with you directly.

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