Unable to access my system today over the web. I’m continuously getting the following response:

Yikes. Collective2 is currently unavailable because we are performing maintenance.

We’ll be back in a few minutes.


I assume this is a sporadic problem (because you were able to post your forum message)?

What specifically are you trying to do when you see the error message?

Not sure if this is related but I couldn’t connect to C2 from tradebullet from roughly 3:30-4:30 ET. And based on the autotrade data on the system I’m subscribed to most people missed a closing trade at 4:00. Also the trade signal emails were sent late during that time period.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the quick response. When it happens, I can access all other systems and everything else on C2, except my system. When I click on the link to my system I get the response I mentioned. Currently it is working again, but it happened a couple of times over the last few days.

I figured it out. There were some options in your account that were not properly expired way back in June. This caused the site to hang while calculating the P/L of these positions. This has been fixed.