Gbpusd is right or wrong

i see Signaux Forex up 403% i look trade say gbpusd at 0.96590 3/13/07 0:15 give 477500 profit is good

i see same The Patient Trader say gbp at BTC 60 1.91300

3/13/07 0:14 give 190 pips is good

chart no say same price

is right or is wrong

Wrong price for Signaux Forex. GBP never traded at that level.

Hopefully MK will fix this soon.

Same story for "Newstrader".

Yup. Our GBPUSD quote feed went haywire briefly last night. It has since been fixed. If your system had incorrect fills which have not yet been corrected, please be sure to report the problem using the trouble ticket. - Matthew


How to use the Report Problem function:

1) Log in to your C2 account.

2) Go to the trading system in question.

3) Immediately above the trade details, you’ll see an area that says: “What this page displays.” Make sure you turn on: "Report problem links."

4) Now, every executed trade (or unexecuted pending signal) will display a little green question mark. Click the question mark to report a problem with a fill.