GBP/USD Market Entry Price Error

Hi Matthew,

I just entered a market order for the GBP/USD and got my C2 fill at 1.8714 while the price was no where near this. It should have been filled somewhere in between 1.8683 (FXDD) and 1.8685 (FXCM), 2 order which I manually entered at the same time. Price didn’t moved up until 5-10 min later. Can this be corrected in the stats once the trade get closed?



ForexFighter GBP/USD


Send Matthew an email (in case he doesn’t see this post)

I had the same problem this morning with a long Euro/Usd which was filled over 30pts away from the current market price.

There must have been a problem with the price feed.

Matthew is good at correcting these mistakes. (This is the first time it has happened to me since November last year)

Hi Mark, Thank you for your quick reply and suggestion. I"ll email Matthew as well then. It’s the first time it happens to me as well.

Thanks, Jon

same problem here.

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Thanks Matthew for fixing my wrong fill.

Just thought I would point out however that it’s still impossible to move my stop loss as it says that the price is lower and that the trade would get executed (even if we are 60 pips away now). But the rest (like Open P/L) seems to update all right now.

Thanks, Jon

ForexFighter GBP/USD

In cases where the quote feed is getting bogus quotes, C2 may tell you that the stop price you want to enter is outside market range. However, this is merely a warning. You can always override the warning and continue to place your trade if you think you are correct, and that the quote feed is having a short-term problem.