Generation 3 for Interactive brokers

Will Interactive brokers ever switch to generation 3 autotrading. I want to sign up with a strategy that trades stocks and options and the only software i can use for IB is Trades Station at 50/month.

From what has been said in the past, no. Apparently IB are not interested.

Yep IB might be the cheapest but not the most innovative . I guess i willl have to buy tradestation. They have three packages form $35.00 to $75.00. which ones do you guys recommend

I think you mean TradeBullet. You probably want the Ultra Edition ($50). The Standard Edition ($35) can’t autotrade C2, and I don’t think you’ll need the extra feature included in the Ultra2 Edition ($70). You can also give Trader68 a try.

However, IMHO, Gen1 autotrading is just too complicated. Too many things that can go wrong, you need a semi-dedicated machine, etc.

I will put it on a VPS