Getopenpositions command

A response of "getopenpositions" command does not include "openaction" or "action" element. (For example "BTO" or "STO".)

If one trades long and short positions and wants to close open positions, this command alone does not help too much.

Can you add this element?






<positionOpened>2008-09-26 15:55:00</positionOpened>












What drive me crazy, Matt, that in practically every xml structure you name the same thing by different name. Maybe you love vari-coloured life, but I really do not like to have a special procedure for every piece of information from C2.

Example #1: trade opening date

openPositions/trade: positionOpened

signals/signal: traded

tradeHistory trades/trade: earliestopen

Example #2: trading amount

openPositions/trade: quantOpened

signals/signal: quant

tradeHistory trades/trade: openquant

Example #3: tradeprice

openPositions/trade: entryPrice

signals/signal: tradeprice

tradeHistory trades/trade: openprice