Getting payed from C2

Hello C2,

I was wondering is there any other payment methods besides Paypal?
I know it very convenient to pay with Paypal but there are a lot of fees…

When we receive a payment from C2 we receive less by 4/5% from the total payment + we need to pay another fee to transfer to the bank.
I read that there is an option to get a check and the cost for this is 10$
I think this way is more economical rather than pay almost up to 10% in fees to the banks and other platforms.

So from 1000$ that people pay for the strategy, 50% goes to C2, and then 4/5 % goes to PayPal and another 4/5% to the bank.

So from the 1000$, I have left with 451$ ( excluding tax)

Daniel - We have a paper check option. Contact Alen at the help desk and she can help you.