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Enable PayPal for payments too


Trade Leaders getting paid by paypal and that is a good thing. However, to pay services we are forced to use C.C. that is not only unpractical and more costly for those reside outside US but especially way unsafer because we need to keep it listed on C2 website. Can you please enable PayPal also for payment? If You have good reasons to avoid this direction, at least enable us to use the balance we get through our services.



or how about payments using 2 cc to break payments up.


I believe you can buy and use prepaid (re-loadable) Visa cards in most countries, if you are concerned about the safety of your funds, as these cards have a small purchase limit (250 to 500 US dollars in most cases).

In other words if you put 300 dollars on the card for example, you cannot spend more than 300 dollars, period.


Yes it would be very nice to be able to pay with PayPal.


Receiving money via Paypal is subject to a 3% fee (4% plus currency exchange fee if sender is not in the US).

Not sure if Mr Klein would love the idea, unless the sender is also willing to pay that extra fee.


Credit Card companies also charge a fee. I dont know how much exactly but it’s likely around 3% as well.


Oh Alexander, reading you is like …Average Visa transaction fee 1.5%. And if you type yourself “I don’t know”, ehhhh :slight_smile:


Yes it’s true, and sometimes much less depending on the volume of business the merchant is bringing every month/year.


At the best of my Knowledge the fee involved for non US resident Trade leaders that decide to reinvest part of the funds in C2 services are roughly the following:

  1. Get paid In US dollar by paypal. No fee.
  2. Convert USD dollar through PayPal or worse by the receiving bank to EUR. Fee involved roughly 3%
  3. Use CC to pay C2 services from an account denominated in EUR. Fee involved 1-3% depend of the country of residence in Europe. Usually is 3% (except Swiss, Germany -UK which I am aware offer better alternatives) .
    To get a 1% fee for CC transactions denominated in different currencies (as the US dollar) is required to pay an annual fee usually 150 E per year to get a fee as low as 1%. (just for a gold -middle class- card )
  4. Last, the Bank apply the commission for the CC transaction. Roughly 2-2.5 Eur.

In such scheme commission/fee are not low as people can think and BTW I hate to be charged by all of those cost by bank.

Few notes :

  • Open a saving account in US (and get a debit card) for non US residents is nearly impossible without visit in person America. (including online banks)
  • UK has very good offer such as Monzo card with a free debit card and zero fee for currency conversions but is available only for UK residents. (and I believe is only Mastercard plus GBP denominated)
  • The only available solution (to avoid such nonsense) is Schwab that offer through their Visa debit card, free ATM outside US and 0% currency fee conversion all around the world. BUT again, It requires for non US resident to park at least 50k in their brokerage account and saving account are not allowed.

That’s all.


Non US residents can still open a US bank account in most major European and Asian cities at big international American banks like HSBC, Citibank, Bank of America, etc…


Indeed true. HSBC premier account requirements to open an US account for non US residents is 100k and Citibank offer very closed to that amount. But I have found my way and I have now an US account without the need to park there 100k.

The problem now seems Paypal. I just discovered that Paypal europe force customers to withdraw funds to an european account denominated in EURO using their bad currency fee conversion. Withdraw to an US account is not allowed.

Open an US paypal account is out of questions because They require Fatca documentation to be signed and I do not want to get involved in something which I do not have the requirements to apply with the risk to find later that my funds are locked abroad.

I will contact C2 and see if They can manage ACH payments avoiding completely Paypal and this nonsense.



In some countries withdrawals to a credit card like Visa (or even a prepaid debit card in some instances) are allowed by Paypal.

On your C2 page it says you are in Thailand, and according to Paypal (see link below and select Thailand) withdrawals to your local Thai bank and/or a US bank are allowed:

Anyway, hope you find a solution soon.