Gmail's Breakup Letter to C2: "It's not you, C2; it's me."

After a few frantic hours of answering angry Collective2 customers who suddenly stopped receiving C2’s emails in their Gmail accounts over the past few days, we finally have an answer:

Gmail is breaking up with us.

It’s hard to believe – after all, we’ve been together so long.

I know, I know – i’s not like we’re married or anything, but we just felt so darned comfortable with Gmail. It felt right to be together.

Well, okay, let me try to get a hold of myself. Here’s the situation:

Gmail is now convinced C2 is an evil spammer company. We’re working behind the scenes on some technical stuff that’s within our power to implement, which should make Google feel better about our emails. But in the meantime, if you have a gmail account, there is something you can do: add C2’s email-from addresses to your Google contacts.

Like this:

The two main addresses you should add are:

Will this definitely guarantee that you will start receiving C2 emails again? The answer is: love is a mysterious thing. In other words: who knows? Maybe.

But this is a good first step. And, again, we’ll be doing some voodoo magic on our email servers to try to make gmail love us again.

We’ll keep you posted here.

  • Matthew

P.S. If you are one of the gmail customers whose C2 emails suddenly stopped arriving, please let us know if our emails start arriving once again.

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Latest Status on Gmail’s volatile relationship with C2:

We’ve made some changes to our email server configuration, and - as of 10:30 AM Eastern USA time, Wednesday March 25 - it appears that most of C2’s messages to gmail recipients are no longer being blocked.

However, there are still a few individual people whose mails are still being blocked, but for these individuals gmail is telling us that the cause of the blockage is that the specific user is receiving too many emails (not that C2 is sending too many). If you are a user receiving a lot of emails - perhaps from an automated source such as a computer program - this may be the problem.

In summary, if you still have problems receiving C2 emails as of 10:30 AM ET today, let the Help Desk know (

On a more general note:

Relying on email to get real-time trading signals is a bad idea. Of course I encourage people to at least investigate AutoTrading of your C2 strategies, but if AutoTrading is not for you, then consider using the “repetitive audio alert” feature on the new C2 Dashboard page. If you keep your Dashboard open in a browser, and turn on this feature, you’ll be beeped into numb submission every time a new signal arrives for any strategy you have in your Matrix area.


I am not using gmail, but Thunderbird, and my secondary email, Hotmail. Signals are being classified as junk in both of them. My work around until everything this gets working is this.

This is reference to the email signals going into JUNK folder.
I changed the format form the fancy pretty HTML to the SMS… and WOW, what do you know… The SMS email signals do NOT get classified as JUNK. The HTML’s still go to the JUNK folder. This should help pin down the issue.

Steve… Have A Good One !!