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Net Profit Margin Update - 1/20/19


Having spoken with James Bullard, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, (after seeing his public comments through Zacks Research), he confirmed to me his belief that further rate hikes could push the U.S. economy into a recession. I have also discussed this with several other private economists and they concur. For this reason and others, we maintain our long position in US treasuries.


Because the Fed knows everything. Such wise men they are.

Never caused depressions or bubbles. No, not them, never, right? :rofl:


Nor participated in the fleecing of Americans via currency swaps, massive bailouts and the good ole masterfully orchestrated “hidden tax” Grrrrr i mean inflation. (Cough)


Good points, and I actually agree with you. The Fed is influential, but not necessarily making the best decisions from the available information. Sometimes, the Fed’s overly hawkish or dovish stances end up exacerbating an already delicate economic picture.


I guess it’s still a good idea to buy gold or silver :wink:


Very influential. Way TOO influential. I mean Powell sneezes and the market goes up or down 5%. That’s not a free market to me.

I’ll be honest, they did the right moves in 2009 at the start of the recession with QE1 and cutting rates to 0%. Go the other route and you have a depression. BUT… QE2 (and definitely QE3 on) it has just been straight up central bank sponsored madness. And now they are trying to figure out how to unwind all the madness and 0% rates they’ve created over 6-7 years of easy money. Fools.


Mate you are clueless, seriously, dont embaress yourself.


Hows that LRC? Do you not think they are influential? Please clarify.


@MatthewKlein this guy is back and at it again. 90% of his forum posts are just rants at anything I say. No rhyme or reason or explanation as always.

“embarrass” :wink:


Indeed, thanks for the proper spelling. It helps to see the parts of the word and their meanings:

“em” - to take on or put on, as in “embiggen” - to make bigger
“barr” - from “bare” - naked
“ass” - ass

“embarrass” - to bare one’s ass, generally publicly for the world to laugh at.

Of course, that’s not really the etymology of this word, but it does help to remember there’s an “ass” in embarrass, just as there is “a rat” in “separate”, etc. Now if I could only remember there are two "r"s.

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