Grid miscalculates our last 30 day performance

The return of FX45’s last 30 day is 5.3%, but we didn’t understand why grid shows that only 3%?

On the other hand the grid shows annual return as 73.5%, but in the system’s page the compound annual shows 133.6% over 61 days.

Are those different than each other?

Matt, would you please clarify these points?


FxGrup Team


The Grid shows the non-compounded Annual Return; the system page shows the compounded.

As far as why The Grid’s “Last 30 days” number is different than your May number (that is, the monthly return number at the top of your system page), it’s just a slight difference due to calendar math. The “Last 30 days” number is today using May 2 as its baseline starting point, while the other stat is using the final April 30 equity number as its baseline starting point. Since your system has only $20K of starting capital, a one-day measurement difference has significant effect on a percentage basis.

Nothing to fret about. Just different calculations returning different results.

Thank yu Matthew for the answer,