Have you had problems with MB Trading?

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to get your opinions on MB Trading.

Recently I have opened an account and I found the customer service to be very good.


After creating an account, NO ONE will respond to my emails - especially when it comes to auto-trading. I have submitted an auto trading agreement form days ago and still I can’t get anyone to respond if it has been received or not. I just want to set up auto trading but I can’t!

I have called, submitted tickets, and emailed with no success.

I am very disappointed with lack of customer service this far…

Has anyone else had these problems??

There are a little bit slow replying sometimes if the matter is not urgent. They only have one person dealing with C2 and autotrading so that may explain the delay. With me, they resolved all issues eventually but it took time.

Same here. Once you reach them, they are good. I assume they are understaffed. Now, I plan on slow response…[LINKSYSTEM_15285116]

Part of the problem could be this: I called MB Trading customer service yesterday to ask about Youtualfunds.com trading. They did not recognize Youtualfunds.com so put me through to a supervisor who advised me that they were not affiliated with them. hmmmm…

Hi, Dennis:

YoutualFunds no longer supports autotrading.

Collective2 still does, of course.

More about this has been discussed and posted on the YoutualFunds site.