C2 needs better support

I 19m having autotrade issues, so prior to US market open today (Wed) I sent an email to both C2 autotrade support and Melissa Karty at C2. No answer yet (9pm EST Wed). Since you guys don 19t offer telephone support, and since you collect loads of money from us in autotrade user fees, you have an obligation to have the necessary staff available to answer emails within hours, not days as is usually the case.

Hi, Sheldon -

I appreciate C2 Member feedback, even when it’s, um, slightly brutal. It may not seem like this sometimes, but we’ve been making an effort to do better on our customer service, trying to reduce answer times, upgrading help-desk software to allow tracking and measurement of how fast and successful we are at answering questions, and generally getting more serious about answering questions faster and better.

We actually do have a phone number, and it is posted prominently on the front page of the web site. In any case, I wanted to post this response publicly to let you know that I understand your complaint, and it is a valid one, and to tell you this is something I (and everyone on my small team) is working on improving.

I’ll follow up with you privately by email to discuss your specific case shortly.


Sheldon - Just a follow up - I see no email from you at our help desk at help@collective2.com. Can you please send your support requests to the help desk so it gets immediate attention and is routed to the right person.

Matthew, thanks for getting back to me on this. A few minutes ago I sent an email directly to you.