Hawk -fx

I was using hawk -fx and came back from vacaion and they had no signal since July. Have they stopped or will they be starting up again? I liked thier signals .

You’re kidding right? Any system that just holds until profit is hit, is eventually doomed. As their current open trades show.

I absolutely agree. Another Forex system called Forex Mini Plan follows the same strategy. It has won 57 in a row, but its current trade has dwarwed all the gains up to now. Without hard stops or reversal points or at least mental stops that are enforced, disaster is inevitable…

I am sure he just stopped the service. He use to trade 1-2 times a day .I made money with him for the couple weeks He hasnt had a trade since july.So i think he just stopped

I think its pretty obvious they didn’t just stop. They held for profit as always, and none came. What a coincidence they just happened to stop on trades with no chance of profit. You must be fairly new to forex not to able to see the method that was at work here.