Where did the thread go?

hello,again! I wrote that last november I experienced the same situation subscriber of hawk system has today,probably then it was less severe bcos there it was down like 20-240 pips,and now ,according to board,its like 600pips ,but anyway…Back then each friday Mark posted brief rundown of performance for a week and november 18th,friday,he,actually very sincirely apologize for his market “behavior” and he scolded himself that he was just undisciplined and he promised that its never going to happen again and hopefully market will recover toward our favor next week.Next week situation became even worth but then market finally rebound a bit and I took moderate loss and ran away from the hawk system.Time to time I come to C2,bcos I really like this site,to read forums and stuff and I see that people have the same problem that I had,namely,He cannot start hedging position for whatever reason,may be some mental block there ,I donot now but it doesnot make any easier for peopl’s losses bcos they,as I was,rely on his info that after 100 pips loss he launch USD/CHF pair that,basically,high degree correlated with euro and pound.During those horroble days when I was in trades with system loss I was sending messages and argued that this kind of trading unacceptable for proffessional trader let alone for manager of peopl’s accounts.He replyed that he believed in his position and convinced me to believe also.I told him that its called to be married to the position and asked him about his achievments in trading and he told me that hetrading proffessionally 3 years.So, I decided to part with him and donot regret.One of my argument points was that most of his trades made 20-30pips,sometime 45-50.So,risk reward ratio for me was very questionable.I asked him is there any sence to risk 150-200 and ,obviously alot more,according to today’s messages of people,to target after all 25-30pips.For me it was just insane and totally unproffessionally.Also,he stubbornly kept long position on pound ,then double up.I see the same today.I think he long on cable again and keep getting to this trap again and again.So,Thas all I was going to say