Help: $50k is too Much for Simulated Trades

Hello Great People,

I noticed the fund to paper trade on Collective2 is $50k.

Can the amount be adjusted at the request of Trade Leader?

My trading system is designed to help small capital traders/investors grow their capital base with stock options, so how do I get the amount change from $50,000 to $2,000?

Please help.

Concerned Trader

I think you may not yet understand how the simulation accounts work on C2.

Each person gets a nominal $500K in a simulation account.

Within that account they can simulate many strategies (not just your own). They can make the simulated trade scaling for each single strategy as big or little as they want (i.e. they can say "Trade 2x the size of the Model Account. Or trade 1x the size of the Model Account.)

You, as strategy manager, neither have the ability to specify what trade scaling they use, nor should you even care, especially in the realm of a completely imaginary simulation.