Help me put this puzzle together

Hi all

I wanted your feedback on putting together the puzzle made up of the 3 pieces being C2, Broker and Charting/Data Software

At the moment, I place my trades in C2 with a 3rd party software and service for real time data and charts. My broker isn’t linked to C2 so I have another open page for placing real trades ‘manually’ in sync with my system.

I understand that for stocks, both IB and Optionxpress allow you to link brokerage account to systems on C2, so it seems obvious that the first step is to change brokers.

However, once you do that, what is the order of the pieces? Do you continue to use 3rd party data and charting software to place trades on C2 so that these would then be executed in your account?

Or do you use the data and charting software of either IB or OptionsXpress to place trades and these then get registered in your C2 system?

Does it matter? Or is it the same…



If you trade your system yourself it doesn’t matter which broker you’re using.

You can have a look at NinjaTrader to send your signals to C2 automatically for your real trades or you can look for C2’s APIs. You already suppose to have trading infrastructure in place.

If you’re a subscriber you don’t need any charting/broker software for Gen3. You just have to only open an account with Gen3 broker and subscribe to any C2’s system.