C2 Unreachable 2/25/13

This afternoon at 15:06 ET, our data center was the target of a DDOS attack. It took 49 minutes for our system administrator to locate the offending IPs and filter them at an upstream connection. I am sorry for this problem. We try our best to prevent these things from happening. I know this is a great inconvenience, and I apologize for any trouble it caused. - Matthew

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for letting us know what happened.

We had a EUR/JPY order on the line so obviously the timing was awful and those were 49 fairly frustrating minutes but these things do happen.

We’re more worried about how this could have affected our subscribers actually, in terms of $ lost had we not been able to eventually move our stop order in time. Do you have any contingency plan in such a case?

Kind regards,


Very disappointing and frustrating development. My system [LINKSYSTEM_77642479] suffered at 3.8% loss in equity due to the delay in exiting a position caused by the site outage. I wonder if this is something that could happen again, or if there is a better defense against DDOS going forward.

Unfortunately its the world of technology. All brokerage firms nowadays have disclaimers for such an event. I trade with FXCM and have experienced such an issue with them in past. Thankfully it was only once. I was in a position and couldn’t login to my account to exit. I know it’s frustrating but it’s the risk we all take trading online.

Best of luck.


And to follow up on my comment, I’ve never experienced an issue like this one with C2. Fortunately for me, this outage didn’t affect me.

Best of luck to you going forward.